Innovation, cost-efficiency and transparency

With 100+ years of experience in the financial industry, we strive to bring new innovative and cost-efficient solutions to the market and to increase transparency by leveraging new technologies.

Board & Team

Wolfgang Batt

Economist / Lawyer with 15 years’ experience in the quantitative investment industry. Wolfgang brings applied quant knowledge and legal insights to Sanostro.

Board & Team

Godefroy Schrago

Economist, Trader, Analyst with 14 years’ experience in the Hedge Fund and Quant Industry. Godo brings innovation, passion and vision to Sanostro.


Patricia Falco Beccalli

Venture capital investor. Patricia’s finance expertise and communication background will shape Sanostro’s corporate visibility, communication strategy and investor focus.


Stephan Jäger

Swiss Ex-Banker and Hotelier. Stephan brings business acumen, a deep understanding of the banking industry and excellent relationship to top bank executives to Sanostro.


Johannes Minho Roth

Trader, Hedge Fund Manager, Entrepreneur. Minho brings independent thinking and business connections to Sanostro.

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