SYGNAL is an open platform to securely exchange and price investment intelligence

Our platform enables institutional market participants to transact market signals in a timely way, through an open and reliable infrastructure.

FX Portfolio

Active management of foreign exchange risk in global USD portfolios


USDSEK Currency

Active management of USD risk in SEK portfolios


GBPUSD Currency

Active management of GBP exposure for USD investors


Lean intelligence transfer

The SYGNAL platform provides lean transfer from quantitative funds to investors with a layer of quality assurance.

File transfer.
File transfer. Lean file transfer allows simple upload and download of daily trading files.
API integration.
API integration. Market signals can also be transferred automatically via APIs.
Institutional quality.
Institutional quality. Only hedge funds with institutional setup are allowed to join the Sygnal platform after a due diligence process.

Blockchain-based signal guarantee

The SYGNAL platform creates a perfect audit trail for the market signals provided by quantitative funds

Blockchain hashing.
Blockchain hashing. Daily hashing of the database provides an immutable record for on individual model level.
Bulletproof backtesting.
Bulletproof backtesting. This allows for backtests investors can trust.

Avaloq partnership

The SYGNAL platform works with the Avaloq core banking system and can be integrated easily in existing processes.

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