Complement your in-house investment research

We offer a range of quantitative and actionable investment research across asset classes and markets around the globe.

FX Portfolio in USD

Active management of foreign exchange risk in global USD portfolios


Bitcoin long-only

Profit from upside trends in bitcoin to generate high risk adjusted returns


Global Equity Portfolio in USD

MSCIWI strategy with dynamic exposure to the main markets.


Expand your research coverage

Add new Alpha sources without increasing your headcount.

Allows you to focus on what you do best

Focus your in-house research while maintaining a global coverage.

Offer dynamic investment products

Create investment products based on the collective insights of leading quant researchers.

From quant research to innovative products

From research to models

Each model is a set of rules summarizing the quant researchers’ market insights.

From models to signals

Each model generates a signal indicating the optimal market position.

From signals to products

Create products that dynamically adjust to fit the current market environments.

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