Sanostro puts Alpha-As-A-Service directly in the hands of investors

Zurich, Switzerland September 4, 2020 – Sanostro officially launches its new platform,, putting Alpha-As-A-Service directly in the hands of institutional investors and asset managers.

Godefroy Schrago, CEO of Sanostro: “Our vision is to become the leading marketplace for investment intelligence. Since 2011 Sanostro has worked directly with hedge funds, quant managers, and institutional investors. We have learned that two sources of intelligence perform better than a single source, and three sources perform better than two. Sanostro’s Alpha platform now aggregates data from seven sources with many more to come, providing our clients with better information and helping them to continuously generate alpha.” in a nutshell

Sanostro’s Alpha platform allows investors to capture upside, reduce drawdown, and better time market entry & exit. aggregates tens of millions of trading signals for over 7000 liquid assets, including equities, futures, FX and cryptocurrencies. Sanostro sources investment intelligence directly from 7 leading hedge funds and quantitative researchers from around the world, with 10+ more being on-boarded. Investors can now easily search investment intelligence for their preferred instruments, and subscribe to receive intra-day, daily or weekly updates.

Initial feedback from clients has been positive with two new sales partnerships closed over the summer and online traffic taking off nicely.

Sanostro’s trade ideas continue to outperform

With so much investment intelligence at its disposal, Sanostro’s stock trading ideas continue to perform well, capturing upside trends and benefiting from the current crises (FAANMGs, Tencent, Twitter, gold, silver, online brokers such as Swissquote, etc.), while limiting exposure across assets where the current hardships have led to more significant problems (airlines, travel booking platform, hotels, etc.).

theScreener complements fundamental analysis with quant signals

theScreener ( and Sanostro are proud to announce that they have partnered-up to offer a combined solution providing fundamental data on 7000+ stocks, complemented with quantitative intelligence from Sanostro’s Alpha platform. The collaboration benefits fundamental investors by providing quantitative data to better time market entry and exit. Like Sanostro, theScreener is also an Avaloq Partner and is successfully deployed with a significant client base in Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

More info

For more information about Sanostro, or theScreener, please contact us at

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