Alpha strategies tailored to your needs

Rely on our advisory services to select the optimal systematic strategy for your portfolio.

Bitcoin long-only

Profit from upside trends in bitcoin to generate high risk adjusted returns


FX Portfolio in USD

Active management of foreign exchange risk in global USD portfolios


Global Equity Portfolio in USD

MSCIWI strategy with dynamic exposure to the main markets.


What We Do: Managed Futures Strategies

Understanding your portfolio needs

We examine whether a managed futures strategy can help you reach your investment goals.

Customized analysis

Based you your portfolio needs we analyze and simulate the impact of applying our market intelligence.

Strategy proposal and implementation

Our analysis leads to a strategy proposal and our implementation partners then help you implement your bespoke managed futures strategy.

Continuous optimization

We provide continuous updates to your optimal strategy as new signals align your strategy to prevailing market conditions.

Your Benefits

Rely on experts

Put you trust in experts with more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

Cost-efficient implementation

Our implementation partners offer the most cost-efficient implementation of your managed futures strategy.

Want to know more?

See our use cases to discover how our intelligence can be used in your business.

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