Bring smart volume to your crypto exchange

Our signal marketplace covers most major cryptocurrencies, integrates easily in your platform and allows your investors to be confident in any market environment.

FX Portfolio

Active management of foreign exchange risk in global USD portfolios


USDSEK Currency

Active management of USD risk in SEK portfolios


GBPUSD Currency

Active management of GBP exposure for USD investors


Offer a new product

Offer your clients a new integrated product to diversify your revenues and increase trading volumes on your exchange.

Build stable client relationships

Improve your clients' performance in volatile markets by mitigating drawdowns and capturing most of the upside rallies, thereby keeping your end clients satisfied and thus retaining them.

From leading hedge funds' models to smart crypto investors

From research to models

Each model is a set of rules summarizing the hedge funds’ market insights.

From models to signals

Each model generates a signal indicating the optimal market position in a specific crypto pair.

From signals to client

Integrate signals in your crypto-exchange to help clients trade smartly.

Want to know more?

Technology that boosts smart volumes on your crypto exchange.

Our Technology

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