An innovative distribution channel to access new investors

We offer a new distribution channel to distribute your existing models directly to institutional investors, banks and asset managers.

FX Portfolio in USD

Active management of foreign exchange risk in global USD portfolios


Bitcoin long-only

Profit from upside trends in bitcoin to generate high risk adjusted returns


Global Equity Portfolio in USD

MSCIWI strategy with dynamic exposure to the main markets.


An effective way to leverage your existing research efforts

Scale your existing model output to signals from -1 to 1 for distribution to investors.

Simple data transfer using lean technologies

Simple daily file transfer creates a lean process that integrates well in your existing business.

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Bullet proof track records

Build daily track records on single model level that are mined into the blockchain.

Your Benefits

Diversify your business model

Become less dependent on your flagship product’s performance.

Increase revenues and profits

Increase sales through a new channel without building up extra costs.

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Technology that creates a new distribution channel for you.

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