Alpha-as-a-Service for the benefit of your entire portfolio

So far you had to buy individual funds to access Alpha. Now you have an Alpha toolbox that can be directly applied to your existing portfolio.

FX Portfolio in USD

Active management of foreign exchange risk in global USD portfolios


Bitcoin long-only

Profit from upside trends in bitcoin to generate high risk adjusted returns


Global Equity Portfolio in USD

MSCIWI strategy with dynamic exposure to the main markets.


World class market signals

Access a unique range of market signals from our world-renowned hedge funds partners.

Selection and combination

Select and combine the right market signals for your goals.

Dynamic decision-making

Tailored daily market signals to indicate optimal market exposures.

Designing your tailored Alpha strategy

Based on your goals we analyse your current portfolio to create and implement a customized Alpha strategy for you.

More about our services

From investment research to portfolios

From research to models

Each model is a set of rules summarizing the quant researchers’ market insights.

From models to signals

Each model generates a signal indicating the optimal market position.

From signals to portfolios

Your portfolio is dynamically adjusted to fit the current market environment.

Your benefits from Alpha-as-a-Service

Generate outperformance

Implement research views to capture market opportunities.

Reduce downside risk

Dynamically adjust market exposure to mitigate drawdowns.

Want to know more?

See our use cases to discover how our intelligence can be used in your business.

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