Sanostro | Conferences on Risk Management for Sanostro
Upcoming conferences on risk management and overlay strategies in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. A partner will speak on risk mitigation and risk premia, be on a panel, be a member and sponsor, and join discussions at roundtable events throughout the year. Euromoney Institutional Investor.
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Conferences we attended in 2016

German and Austrian Summit, 27th-28th of October

Vincent Couson attended the German and Austrian Summit at the Dolder Grand in Zürich in October.


Global Fixed Income Institute, 11th-12th of October

Wolfgang Batt attended the Global Fixed Income Institute in Frankfurt in October.


Private Wealth Roundtable, 21st-22nd of September

Minho Roth spoke at the Private Wealth Roundtable in Singapore this September.


European Investment Roundtable, 14th-16th of September

Wolfgang Batt and Walter Brägger spoke at the European Investment Roundtable in Stockholm this September.


Japan Investment Forum 13th-14th of September

Minho Roth spoke at the Japan Investment Forum in Tokyo this September.


Future of Investing Forum, 11th-12th of July

Walter Brägger spoke at the Future of Investing Forum in New York in July.


European Family Office Symposium, 29th-30th of June

Wolfgang Batt and Walter Brägger spoke at the European Family Office Symposium in Lausanne this June. Sanostro is a sponsor


UK & Ireland Pension Funds, 14th-17th of June

Johannes Minho Roth attended the UK & Ireland Pension Funds conference in Richmond, London this June. Sanostro is a sponsor.


Endowments and Foundations Roundtable, 07th-10th of June

Vincent Couson spoke at the Endowments and Foundations Roundtable in Boston this June.


Redefining Fixed Income in Copenhagen, 2nd – 3rd of June

Walter Brägger, Wolfgang Batt and Marcus Briese spoke at the Redefining Fixed Income conference in Copenhagen this June. Sanostro was a sponsor. The presentation focused on FX exposure, and how to manage it.

Global West Government Funds Roundtable in London, 25th – 27th of May

Walter Brägger and Johannes Minho Roth spoke at the Sovereign Investor Institute’s conference in London this May. Sanostro was a sponsor. The topic of the panel centred around the future of managing assets and exposure.


Redefining Fixed Income in New York, 17th – 18th of May

Johannes Minho Roth attended the Redefining Fixed Income Forum in New York this May. Sanostro is a sponsor.


Benelux Summit in Noordwijk, 18th – 20th of May

Wolfgang Batt attended the The European Institutional Investor Institute’s conference in Noordwijk this May. Sanostro is a sponsor.


Defined Contribution Forum in Ware, 10th – 11th of May

Walter Brägger attended the DC Forum in Ware, UK this May. Sanostro is a sponsor.


International Foreign Exchange Trader Forum in London, 27th of April

Johannes Minho Roth attended the FX Trader Forum in London this April.


International Investing Symposium in Barcelona, 10th – 14th of April

Walter Brägger spoke at the International Investing Symposium in Barcelona on the 11th of April. Sanostro is a sponsor. The presentation compared different ways of managing exposure, and the importance of diversifying across asset classes and across time as the benchmark risk changes.


Nordic Summit in Stockholm, 13th-15th of April

Walter Brägger attended the Nordic Summit in Stockholm this April. Sanostro is a sponsor.


Deutsche Symposium in Cologne, 5th-6th of April

Walter Brägger and Wolfgang Batt spoke at the Deutsche Symposium conference. Sanostro is a sponsor. Most asset owners would agree that successful long-term investors exploit return opportunities while constraining the portfolio risk, so the source of debate centred on how to better balance risk and return. Focusing on picking winners, and leaving risk management to asset allocators might not be enough.


Business Summit in Brussels, 17th -18th of March

Wolfgang Batt attended the Global Fixed income conference in Brussels this March. As the bad news keep coming and the worries for fixed income managers multiply, the debate revolved around innovation, opportunities and threats.


Investors Summit in Hong Kong, 16th-17th of March

Johannes Minho Roth spoke at the Asia Institute Investors Summit in Hong Kong. The presentation focused on the current market environment and how strategies are coping with the global jitters.


CIO Management Roundtable in Frankfurt, 2nd-3rd of March

Wolfgang Batt attended the Chief Investment Officer conference on disrupting forces in the Asset management industry. The Roundtable examined how to deal with such forces.


European Pension Symposium in Rome, 3rd-5th of February

Walter Brägger spoke on the the 5th of January. The debate centred on different systematic strategies which dynamically reallocate exposure as the benchmark risk changes.


Risk & Liquidity Conference in San Francisco, 26th-27th of January

Vincent Couson spoke on the 27th of January on the importance of Time Diversification. We compared a traditional 60/40 portfolio with strategies that dynamically adjust the market exposure when markets turn more fragile.