Sanostro | Sanostro To Provide Hedge Fund Signals Through Ethereum Blockchain
Sanostro AG is specialized on Systematic Overlay Management.
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Sanostro To Provide Hedge Fund Signals Through Ethereum Blockchain

Zurich, June 23, 2017. Since early 2016, Sanostro has worked on an IT infrastructure which can provide trading signals from leading quantitative hedge funds through the Ethereum blockchain.

Out of all initiatives we monitor in the crypto-currency world, we believe that Ethereum is currently the most advanced and suitable smart contracting environment. As regulators are requiring larger institutions to open the access to financial data of their clients via Open API initiatives, we want to be among the first fintech companies that can provide an open architecture to investment intelligence across different trading platforms.

To quote Rodrigue Schrago, who spearheaded this project at Sanostro: “We want to be early in this exciting technological advancement, while the smart contracting is processed through the Ethereum blockchain, Sanostro’s signals are encrypted and sent using a separate much leaner and secure channel, covering the needs of traders, who require more time-sensitive signals.”

Our vision is an infrastructure allowing machine learning algorithms from leading AI researchers to train themselves and pick the best trading models in our database, in order to match the investment goals of our institutional clients and feed the resulting trading signals in the API of their respective banks / executing brokers with as little latency as possible.

Sanostro receives trading signals for all liquid asset classes from leading quantitative hedge funds on a daily basis and provides tailor-made solutions to institutional clients, such as pension funds, banks, insurance and family offices. Sanostro’s investment solutions include downside protection for equity markets, bespoke FX hedging solutions, like the Avaloq FX robo-advisory module and tactical asset allocation.


About Sanostro
Sanostro is a highly innovative provider of hedge fund intelligence. The company was founded on the belief that intelligence of the leading quantitative managers should be used to help investors make investment decisions and that risk management must not be expensive. Sanostro has built a global platform of quantitative managers to offer systematic, model-based hedging solutions and tactical asset allocation models to institutional investors. Clients use Sanostro flexibly to manage their FX, equity, commodity and bond portfolios through tailor-made solutions. Sanostro cooperates with some of the most respected quantitative investment managers in the hedge fund space and is headquartered in Zurich.


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