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Sanostro AG is specialized on Systematic Overlay Management.
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Sanostro and Divas Asset Management Cooperate

Zurich, February 17, 2017.  Sanostro today announced a cooperation with DIVAS Asset Management based in Waedenswil, Zurich, to develop tailored solutions for the insurance industry. “We know and highly respect the people from DIVAS since a long time and look forward to developing specialized solutions with them – mainly for the insurance industry,” said Wolfgang Batt, Partner at Sanostro. “We are very pleased to work with Sanostro,” added Mr. Habshush, CEO of DIVAS. “We are starting our combined efforts at such an exciting time, as both firms seek to further expand their activities in a fast changing market place. We are looking forward to working closely with Sanostro to identify attractive opportunities and grow our businesses.”


About DIVAS Asset Management
DIVAS Asset Management AG was founded to develop new paths within the traditional asset management and derivative solution space.  DIVAS is dedicated to create product solutions in a tailored, transparent and innovative way while aiming for a best price and risk adjusted performance. Further information is available at


About Sanostro
Sanostro is a highly innovative provider of hedge fund intelligence. The company was founded on the belief that intelligence of the leading quantitative managers should be used to help investors make investment decisions and that risk management must not be expensive. Sanostro has built a global platform of quantitative managers to offer systematic, model-based hedging solutions and tactical asset allocation models to institutional investors. Clients use Sanostro flexibly to manage their FX, equity, commodity and bond portfolios through tailor-made solutions. Sanostro cooperates with some of the most respected quantitative investment managers in the hedge fund space and is headquartered in Zurich. Further information is available at


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