Sanostro | Meet us at a Conference in Q1 2017
Sanostro AG is specialized on Systematic Overlay Management.
Risk Management, Downside Protection, Systematic Overlays, Risk Overlays, Quantitative Trading, Hedge Funds, CTA
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Meet us at a Conference in Q1 2017

European III Winter Roundtable, 12th-13th of January

Wolfgang Batt will attend the European III Winter Roundtable in Paris.


Risk & Liquidity, 24th-25th of January

Vincent Couson will attend the Risk & Liquidity conference in San Francisco.


European Pension Symposium, 1st-3rd of February

Wolfgang Batt and Walter Brägger will speak on Strategic Currency Management at the EPEN in Munich.


European Institute CIO Management RT, 28th of February

Vincent Couson will attend the European Institute CIO Management roundtable in Madrid.


Global Fixed Income Institute, 2nd-3rd of March

Vincent Couson will attend the Global Fixed Income Institute business summit in Madrid.


Asia Institute – Investor Summit, 16th-17th of March

Johannes Roth will attend the Asia Institute – Investor Summit in Hong Kong.


EIII and EAII Nordic, 28th-29th of March

Walter Brägger will attend the EIII and EAII Nordic conference in Stockholm.